The 3 Best ACOG Scopes for the Money – ACOG Comparison 2020

For all the political distress, America is definitely a heck of a country. I’m composing this at 2am having simply completed a mug of coffee, my pet cat is outdoors doing cat things, like any kind of genuine red-blooded American, I have a packed AR-15 within very easy reach in case some unlucky gangbangers decide to mess with me.

Yet this article isn’t concerning cats and AR-15s and gangbangers, unlucky or otherwise. This is about America and what makes us fantastic, and absolutely nothing makes us more than the fact that, for the cost of a corroded used pickup, you can buy the same advanced optic that our soldiers operate in all those global hotspots we see on Fox News (or, if you’re of the, ahem, various other political persuasion), CNN, MSNBC. Continue reading “The 3 Best ACOG Scopes for the Money – ACOG Comparison 2020”

ACOG vs Scopes – Which Is Better? EXPLAINED.

As a  Marine I get a great deal of questions of ACOG versus this, ACOG versus that, what do I think of AACOG versus scopes? Acog vs (Insert any system here).

Because this question shows turns up so frequently, let’s take a look at three of the very successful moderate range, AR-15 design scopes versus the Trijicon ACOG. There are a couple of modelsof the ACOG however we are intending to concentrate on the most popular and top selling model: the Trijicon ACOG 4 × 32 with 223 ballistic reticle.

We hope that by the end of this post, you’ll have a much better understanding of the timeless question of who wins in the Battle of the ACOG vs Scopes. Continue reading “ACOG vs Scopes – Which Is Better? EXPLAINED.”

Top 4 ACOG Clones – Trijicon Alternatives Review 2020

The Real deal

The ACOG is an outstanding rifle sight. Utilized by modern militaries, there can be no greater illuminated rifle scope for your AR 15 or equivalent rifle. But ACOG quality comes with a very big price. Also, you have to keep in mind that optic made for war may not show it’s full potential in civil environment. You can buy one if you really want it, so check out this post to see our recommendation.

  Due to the fact that desires and real needs are two different things, you might be lured to search for something that has comparable functions and even visual look to an ACOG, without spending  huge dollars for an optic constructed for war. Continue reading “Top 4 ACOG Clones – Trijicon Alternatives Review 2020”

The 6 Best M4 Scopes – Carbine Optic Reviews 2020

The M4 carbine is the natural evolution of the well-known M16 rifle. While a true M4 carbine has a barrel of 14.5″, that makes it against the law to own without all manner of stupid bureaucracy and paper shuffling, a huge number of “M4orgery” carbines exist, which have the magic extra 1.5″ of barrel length that turns them from evil, terrifying rifle to just simply a reliable and popular sporting and tactical rifle. Lots of folks seek to come across the finest M4 optics they can find due to the fact that of its popularity.

Personally, I favor a compact scope on a carbine like the M4, so here are my suggestions for the 6 best M4 scopes. Continue reading “The 6 Best M4 Scopes – Carbine Optic Reviews 2020”

The 4 Best Chronographs on the market – Ballistic Shooting Reviews

What it is

The very first electronic shooting chronographs go back to the late 19th Century and build upon rough setups where a bullet cut a wire, which registered an electric pulse. A rather rough affair, but fairly efficient, and valuable for military training and experimentation, specifically with cannons. In time, the shooting chronograph developed to the point of utilizing optical sensors to take note of the passage of a projectile.

Today, more modern-day shooting chronograph involves two “screens” fitted with optical sensing units that indicate the passage of the bullet through them, and after that figure the speed of the bullet as it goes through each screen. Continue reading “The 4 Best Chronographs on the market – Ballistic Shooting Reviews”