The 6 Best M4 Scopes – Carbine Optic Reviews 2020

The M4 carbine is the natural evolution of the well-known M16 rifle. While a true M4 carbine has a barrel of 14.5″, that makes it against the law to own without all manner of stupid bureaucracy and paper shuffling, a huge number of “M4orgery” carbines exist, which have the magic extra 1.5″ of barrel length that turns them from evil, terrifying rifle to just simply a reliable and popular sporting and tactical rifle. Lots of folks seek to come across the finest M4 optics they can find due to the fact that of its popularity.

Personally, I favor a compact scope on a carbine like the M4, so here are my suggestions for the 6 best M4 scopes.

Acog 4 X 32 Scope Usmc Rifle Combat Optic For M4

You simply can not think of the M-4 without likewise thinking about ACOG optics. Among the most sophisticated war fighting optics on the planet, it is likewise extremely popular amongst knowledgable shooters and those who require only the outright best for their carbine. Nearly identical to ACOG’s released by the USMC, this 4 power scope includes a 32mm objective lens, advanced fiber optic illuminated reticle, an anti reflection cover.

Built to the demanding, exacting tolerances for some of America’s most elite soldiers, this scope is as much at home on your favorite varmint or plinking carbine, or your house defense or law enforcement or security rifle. If cash is no object, however quality and accuracy are all that matters, this is the very first and last option for an M4 scope.

Leupold Mark 4 MR/T

The Leupold M 4 MR/T is one of the finest scopes for you M4 out there. Developed with the requirements of carbine shooters in mind, this excellent tactical scope features and illuminated reticle, 1.5-5 power zoom, a 20mm objective lens, and a 30mm tube for exceptional light gathering performance.

Developed with crystal clear completely covered optics, backed by Leuopold’s magnificent lifetime guarantee and all set for whatever you throw at it, this Leupold scope is as much at home on top of a present day tactical carbine as it is on your beloved hunting rifle.

Vortex Optics Spitfire

Just recently I had the choice in between buying a new revolver or a new scope. Vortex optics makes a strong argument for having the best M4 scope with their Spitfire.

This feature loaded system has basic 3 power magnification, lit up reticle, is gas purged for fog-proofing, and has a specially cut lens for best optical clearness and light transmission. An included mounting base makes this an all set to roll bundle right out of the crate, just sight it in and you are good to go.

Nikon P223

Nikon makes NICE scopes, and if you have a similarly nice gun to go along with it, this is the finest scope for M4 carbines that you can get. It’s 3 × 32 magnification, calibrated for popular 5.56 rounds with set range finding aim points built into the crosshairs, and compatible with Nikon’s exclusive ballistics software application. You can dial this scope in for practically any 5.56/.223 round you intend to be shooting.

If you like to wring highest precision and distance out of your M4, and demand the very best effectiveness possible from you optics, take a good hard look at a scope developed with M4 and AR style rifles in mind.

Primary Arms Compact Scope

Since the M4 is frequently utilized in close quarters, in some cases the very best scope for M4 is a compact, low- zoom system that stands out at distances usually utilized for iron sights. Primary Arms provides a great low-magnification, compact scope with their 2.5 power illuminated reticle scope.

Created with an integrated in bullet drop compensator for close quarters utilize and suitable with market standard ACOG style installs, this scope is ideal for house defense or police use and has the added advantage of being little and lightweight. Constructed to be water-, fog- and shock-proof, with full covered optics, this may be the finest upgrade for your M4.

NCStar Scope/Red Dot Combo

Or possibly the ultimate M4 scope has a lot of bells and whistles. I’ve formerly pointed out the benefits of red dots over simple iron sights, and the usefulness of having transitional iron sights, and now it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Use the integrated in red dot for iron sight ranges and quickly transition to the compact 3-9 power scope for far away shooting. Featuring a huge 42mm objective lens, lit up reticle, and integrated in scope mounting base, this scope/red dot sight combo does whatever for you except shoot.

Scopes, the M4 and You

The M4 carbine, in either the pricey to get 14.5″ variation or the more readily offered 16″ version, is extremely popular with American shooters, as it closely imitates the military’s issue weapon. It is likewise a great rifle in its own right, capable of accurate fire, and is perfect for sport shooting, law enforcement and self defense usage.

Because of its carbine size, the finest scopes for M4 carbines are normally compact units, both to protect the clean lines of the rifle and to lessen weight. Numerous M4’s are scoped with the idea of individual defense or law enforcement work in mind, and to that end, you’ll be looking for a scope with a lit up reticle, and low magnification.

It will be crucial to figure out the optimal eye relief for your scope and how you prepare to use the rifle since M4 design rifles feature and adjustable stock. Thankfully, the flat top upper design of the M4 enables simple placement of optics via the built in Picatinny rail. Some scopes have more generous eye reliefs than others, but almost any scope ought to fit on an M4 as soon as you place it.

The very best M4 scopes may also be specifically calibrated for the.223/ 5.56 round. These will feature reticles with built in bullet drop compensators at pre-selected ranges, which, when combined with the correct ammo, will permit you to quickly put your shots. This is most useful for hunting, house defense and tactical applications, where fast target acquisition and accurate shooting are most crucial.

The use of these scopes require utilizing specific types of ammunition, typically the most common military style or rounds, so some of their energy is lost if you like to utilize less common rounds, or handload. But if you are shooting typical rounds, a calibrated scope may be a great choice for you.

Scopes much more powerful than that start going into the range of long distance and target shooting scopes, and as very short as the law permits barrel on an M4 style rifle (or much shorter still if you are lucky enough to have a 14.5″ version), this just does not cut it for much in the way of long range target shooting.

To that end, if you have an M4, the best scope in my book is a compact, illuminated reticle of about no more than four power, however as there are no absolutes in the world, we checked out some things on either side of that. And we hope you’ve obtained the best scope for M4 carbines here.