Top 4 ACOG Clones – Trijicon Alternatives Review 2020

The Real deal

The ACOG is an outstanding rifle sight. Utilized by modern militaries, there can be no greater illuminated rifle scope for your AR 15 or equivalent rifle. But ACOG quality comes with a very big price. Also, you have to keep in mind that optic made for war may not show it’s full potential in civil environment. You can buy one if you really want it, so check out this post to see our recommendation.

  Due to the fact that desires and real needs are two different things, you might be lured to search for something that has comparable functions and even visual look to an ACOG, without spending  huge dollars for an optic constructed for war.

The ACOG at it core no more than a compact lit up rifle scope, so it is possible to have the look and standard function of one without dropping the coin for the genuine deal. Nothing can beat the real offer, but if you want to look cool, and still have a functional optic, these 4 are the best ACOG clones that we found for you.

Fiber Optic Illumination

I in fact like this one a tad more. Another visual look alike, this provides you a crisp LED fiber optic illuminated reticle. It’s still a non-magnified red dot, however a bit more advanced than many low-cost red dots. Suitable once again for individuals looking for an ACOG look and feel in a fundamental red dot, and perfect for any of the myriad of.22 caliber clones of contemporary attack rifles.

You get ACOG good appearances, with fiber optic efficiency, integrated with the effectiveness of a holographic rifle sight. This is one of the finest ACOG clones.

BDTactical ACOG Clone

This one is quite slick. Zeroed at the factory for typical 5.56/.223 ammunition, this ACOG clone is water, fog and shockproof, and designed for use with an AR 15 or comparable rifle in mind. Comfortably cost, this ACOG clone will provide you those attractive, hot ACOG looks, and an actually great red dot sight to boot.

Economical, resilient, and developed with modern-day sporting rifles in mind, BDTactical (see complete specs) provides among the very best ACOG clones out there right now.

Barska Electro Sight Rifle Scope

While not a true visual clone of the ACOG, the Barska Electro Sight (see full specs) easily falls in the realm of ACOG clones. It is a compact, extremely practical and well built red dot sight. It features a built in Picatinny rail installing base, adjustable brightness configurations, and strong construction.

Built to be parallax free at 100 years, plus windage and elevation adjustable. It’s tough to find a better red dot or ACOG clone.

Ozark Armament 4x Optic

The Ozark Armament 4x Optic is a basic ACOG clone that does a lot for a low price. It’s a fixed four power optic that imitates a lot of what the ACOG does at a substantially lower price point. The reticle is a BDC style reticle that permits you to drop rounds into your target at a variety of distances. The optic does use a battery, and the lit up reticle has 3 various color choices.

You have your conventional red, your appealing green, and your softer blue as reticle colors. The optic is equipped with three various Picatinny rails for attaching devices straight to the optic.

This is ideal for installing a mini red dot optic for close quarters shooting. This budget friendly optic is quite clear, and fog, water and shockproof.

ACOG vs ACOG Clones

This was a tough one. One the one hand, you have the ultimate in holographic rifle sights. Battle-tested and warrior-proven, ACOG sights are the standard by which all other similar optics are judged. You can’t get any better, since there are no better.


On the other hand, there is a huge need for affordable clones, which suggests there are a variety of visually and functionally similar copies running about of numerous degrees of quality. Looking for the very best ACOG clone indicated learning a bunch of airsoft garbage to find a few strong treasures you would not repent to mount on your rifle, or simply squander your time and cash, but we did it.

What can save your cash

Among the quickest ways to save money over a real ACOG is to do away with the radioactive tritium utilized to light up an ACOG. By switching to battery powered illumination, the expense drops. The next expense savings is in actual building.

Sure, all of us desire a sight that can survive a direct hit from an atomic bomb, but how many reading this are actually ready to go off into a battle zone? Perhaps a couple, and then the federal government will provide you an ACOG to use.

Overbuilt is overpriced, and so by developing to civilian sporting requirements, we get another huge expense savings, while still retaining a functional sight. The last method to bring the cost of an ACOG clone down is through less advanced glass in the optics. Think about the difference between a Ford and a Ferrari. They’ll both get you from point A to point B, but the Ford will not be as cutting edge.

An ACOG clone is perfect for mocking up.22 caliber copies of popular assault rifles and enables you to take pleasure in the look of a more costly complete power rifle, consisting of optics at a much lower price. Often of course, you just want an ACOG clone on your 5.56 AR 15, which is reasonable.

Red dots and holographic sights are extremely popular for that platform, and if you can’t manage or do not want to spend your money on an genuine ACOG, there is nothing wrong with getting a good clone in order to preserve a topnotch appearance.


No matter how you slice it, an ACOG clone is a beneficial optic that actually valid in shooting sports and the marketplace. As long as you approach them with the understanding that beneath the lookalike exterior there is a standard red dot setup under the hood, you will not be disappointed.

The very best ACOG clones will likewise supply benefit points for that attractive looking rifle. Although, let’s be honest for a 2nd: if you truly want an ACOG, you must simply conserve up and get the real offer.